This post is going to be a reminder. A big fat list of things; some are short, some are long, and sixteen is an odd number. Yet, these little reminders have convicted me lately, and this is what I have to offer. The reality is, whoever reads this post (or is writing it…….) has issues and needs to be reminded of what is TRUE, REAL, and HONEST. You deserve that. So please, if you have issues, read on and be reminded.

  1. God is always good. And He made you LIKE Him. Thus, you are good. You’re not even kinda good, you are really good.
  2. You are not perfect. Stop feeling like your whole life is a failure when you don’t reach perfection. That’s never going to happen.
  3. God is in love with you. (I don’t care if you are a man, woman, married, single, pray regularly or just before you eat food.) God is in love with you and that’s actually amazing.
  4. It really sucks not to be included or invited. And an invitation can really change someone’s life. A simple “Hey! You over there! You are welcome into my life!” does more than we will ever know.
  5. People need people to be vulnerable. Vulnerability cultivates a space where others can be free to be vulnerable.
  6. Vulnerability is not over sharing with everyone who asks how you are. It also isn’t word vomiting all of the terrible things that have ever happened to you on someone. It is opening up about the real current struggles of your life and allowing others to help you in your wrestling match.
  7. God is Three Persons in One. Don’t neglect any part of Him. He wants to give you His full self. Father. Son. Spirit.
  8. Loving Jesus doesn’t prevent us from still sinning. Another way to say this: Loving Jesus doesn’t equate to no longer needing Him as our Savior. Loving Jesus leads to a greater recognition of our need for His Mercy.
  9. Mission work is a broad field. Feed the hungry? (Yes.) Evangelize the ignorant? (Of course.) Leave everything behind and move to foreign lands? (Sometimes.) But obedience to people that just don’t understand where I’m coming from? Staying at home and not having a more radical/adventurous life? Working a 9-5? Washing dishes at the cafe I work in? Being kind to mean coworkers? Not engaging in disrespectful conversations? Picking up toys and changing diapers all day? Yes. 
  10. Prayer is the most important thing you will do all day. Stop acting like that’s not true through your actions and how you are prioritizing your time. Ten nuns praying does more good than 50 missionaries serving. The best thing we can do is to give OURSELVES to the Lord.
  11. The only reason we should follow someone is if they are already following Christ. They themselves are not the end all/be all. Let’s all stop this fan-girling, groupie/bandwagon, Instagram stalking thing we might have with ANY/ALL human relationships. Obsession is not love. Walk closely with those around you. Look up to those who inspire you. But stop acting like a groupie. You have the intimate and personal love of Jesus. Is He enough for you?
  12. Being hidden isn’t always fun. But sometimes that’s our Lord’s favorite place to keep us. To Himself.
  13. Hold on to what you love loosely. If you hold too tight, you’re going to cut off your circulation…
  14. Your body is good and part of you. Don’t be ashamed of it or feel the need to draw attention to it. Live life in it. Treat it well. Spend less time looking in the mirror and more time looking at other’s faces. There really are some amazing faces out there.
  15. It’s good to say NO. Your NO’s make your YES’s greater.
  16. It’s important to name the hurt. Often times, we see other people going through something tough and we shy away from bringing up the topic. It usually comes from a place of either believing we are ill equipped (I can’t fix it their problem anyways. I don’t have the right words to say. It would be uncomfortable for both of us.) or believing we will make it worse by presenting their difficult ‘thing’ in front of their face ( a sort of ‘salt in wound’ mentality). When we do this, when we ignore the hurt, we deny someone the ability to live in the reality of their situation. They don’t have to talk about it. You don’t have to be their counselor. Yet, naming a hurt still sends the message, “I see you. I’m sorry this is hard.”

This list can (and should) keep going. If the Lord has reminded you of something recently, would you share it in the comments. I promise you, I’m going to read it. (Because I probably need that reminder too.)


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