We would like to share with you some of the many things we have experienced while being on a Discipleship team down here at St. John the Evangelist in Naples, FL!

  1. Ministering to the same youth and young adults over all 9 months is one of the biggest blessings we have on a discipleship team. We are able to get to know them first and then slowly walk with them towards Christ. Every person on our team has seen growth in the youth and young adults they have encountered!

  2. Going to Mass three times every weekend has increased our love for the Eucharist. Part of our ministry is to go to masses on both Saturday night and all day Sunday. Our parish is so large that we have to split up so that most of the masses have at least one of us attending it! Every time we are able to approach the Lord’s Table, it is such a profound reminder of how much He sacrificed for us. We are fortunate to do it more than once every weekend.

  3. Tupperware is always the hardest thing to keep track of! As a discipleship team, we have a girl and a guy we call “Tupperware Tzars” whose job it is to make sure we return Tupperware to our host families. No matter how hard they try, there always seems to be an extra one laying around somewhere.

  4. The community that surrounds St. John’s has given us many opportunities to attend fun events. We have gone to high school sports games, Theology on Tap for young adults, strawberry festivals, art fairs, and concerts! We are blessed to meet new people at these events and spend time with community members that we already know.

  5. We get called many different titles! We have been called the NET Missionaries, the NET ministers, the PET team, the Smurfs (because of our blue polos), the Blueberries (by middle schoolers), the Interns… all the way to the Minions! We look forward to hearing a few new names in the next two months.

  6. The staff are just as important to invest in as the youth. We have gotten to know the multiple priests at our parish, the lectors and ushers, the managers of the buildings, the café workers, and so many more!  Every person that works at St. John’s deserves recognition and love. We as a team have enjoyed getting to know the staff we work alongside everyday!

Team 15

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