Greetings from the Stockton Diocese in California! This is Team 6 checking in. Since we last blogged in December, we’ve had our Christmas break and now we are back on the road again. Last time we wrote, we gave a brief synopsis of our favorite things about NET and some of the amazing experiences that we have had so far. But now we want to switch things up a bit, and give you an insight into a normal day in the life of a NET team. However, “normal” is a word used rarely in our vocabulary, given that our days, weeks, and months are extremely varied and constantly keep us on our toes. Since this is the case, we decided to use today, February 6th, as our “normal” day in the life.

This morning we all convened as a team in Turlock, CA, in a home which the family had generously offered to us to use for the first part of the day as our meeting spot. We all met at 8:30 a.m., after having eaten breakfast with our host families and doing personal prayer on our own. Our host mom made us amazing coffee which was the best way to begin our day. With coffee in our systems, we were ready for team prayer. Team prayer is a time when we gather (as a team, as you might have been able to guess) and have approximately 45 minutes to an hour of praise and worship, or some other form of prayer. Today, we had one of our musicians play several worship songs, while one of our other team members led the prayer as well as some meditations which included the daily readings. Team prayer is an opportunity we try to take advantage of every day, but some days our schedules do not allow for it.

After the privilege of team prayer, we moved on to drama practice. We do dramas,which are more serious skits, on retreats, as it can be a powerful way to convey a message. Our drama leader led us for almost two hours, as we practiced a new drama and were given an even newer one to begin learning.

Drama practice brought us to the close of our time in our host home. We loaded our suitcases and backpacks into our van and trailer and drove to our next destination. By this time it was close to lunch which coincided with Men’s/Women’s Session. Men’s and Women’s Session is a time for our team to split off into our brotherhood and sisterhood once a week. We talk, check in, and just have fun, as women to women and men to men. Our sessions vary from week to week. Today, for our Women’s Session, we found outfits for each other at GoodWill. Not just any outfit, but an extremely eccentric outfit. The men, on the other hand, went to McDonald’s for a nutritious lunch of chicken nuggets and fries. They also took our fifteen passenger van with them, which they decided to push around in the parking lot.

After lunch, we all regrouped in the van and began the short 50 minute drive to Stockton, CA, where our evening retreat was going to be held. We arrived on schedule to Presentation Catholic Church and were then fed a delicious Italian dinner. After dinner, we set up for our retreat and awaited the arrival of the retreatants. The retreat was scheduled from 5pm-9pm, filled with activities, games, a talk by one of our team members, and time for small group discussions. We went to the church for a time of prayer toward the end of the retreat. The confirmation sponsors came for this part and were able to pray over their confirmande and be there with them in that special moment. They then joined us for the rest of the retreat.

With our retreat over, we packed up our supplies into our trailer and dispersed into our various host homes. Like we said, today was a “normal” day, however, we look forward to each and every day, as they are unique and constantly present new adventures.

Thank you for following us in a day of our lives. We appreciate your prayers and support and want you to know that we are praying for you as well! Remember, “Work hard, pray hard, and give God the glory.”

This is Team 6 signing off for now.

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