Diving into the unknown can be exciting, intense, and challenging. Taking the plunge can push and pull you in different directions, and lead you to places you have never been before. When this happens, one can feel out of place or uncomfortable, but those feelings are not always bad.

NET Team 11 has gained a familiarity with diving into the unknown ever since our first night in Geneva, IL. “We are just going to do it,” said Isaac, our youth minister, referring to an event planned for the next evening with Team 11’s full involvement. Naturally our team felt like we just dove into the deep end without knowing how to even doggy paddle. 

As we reported to our office the next morning, Isaac instinctively gave us a pep talk; he had a good guess we were feeling overwhelmed.“You have to begin before you’re ready. If you wait until you feel ready you’re never going to start,” said Isaac as the pep talk began. This statement has defined our work here in Geneva ever since that first day. We keep diving into the deep end even when things are not perfect, and have had great success and growth with this. 

“Through this year I have learned that we will never be ready to accomplish the beautiful and chaotic things the Lord has in store for us because God’s plan is beyond comprehension. But with that, I have learned that the Lord equips the called and He continues to put people in our lives that will guide us on that path, which is our team. Working together, we are able to spread the Lord’s love in a way I have not experienced before and I have seen that come alive beautifully through the young people we have encountered at this parish who are desperately searching for acceptance in a time of uncertainty. The Lord has called us to love them and each other where they are at, and He continues to work in that. Therefore, I will continue to dive into the deep even when I don’t know what will happen next.” -Monica, Team Member

Beginning before we felt ready made many of us feel uncomfortable and out of place, but we leaned into what we knew: letting God take control and loving others with His love. In doing this, our team has been able to personally invest in the youth at the parish while supporting each other along the way. So, we invite you dear reader, to begin before you are ready and let God equip you along the way.

In the love of Christ and Mary
Team 11
Matt, Leah, Sarah, Jeswin, Monica, Charlie, Olivia, and Thomas

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