Everybody’s weird… in different ways. Everyone is unique and it’s super cool discovering that uniqueness in new people and learning different things about them. There’s so much beauty in learning about someone and slowly building a relationship with them. That’s what we’ve been doing here as a team: growing in relationship with one another. We are constantly trying to find Christ in each other and learn how to love each other the best we can. We have the same goal in this ministry: to bring souls to Christ as we grow closer to Him ourselves.

It’s so important to hold each other accountable in any way possible to keep that goal. There’s hard times in forming relationships, for sure, but it’s how you come back from those rough times that makes the relationship grow. Sometimes that coming back involves reconciling or apologizing when needed. Of course, not all times are rough; there’s a lot of good too. It’s important to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes you may not feel like communicating, but you do it anyway. The act of putting a teammate before yourself is very powerful.

Eight of us were put on a team together as strangers, so here’s a little bit about us. The four men on our team are Michael, 22, from Maryland, Peter, 20, from Texas, John, 19, from Minnesota, and Greg is 18 and from Arizona. The women on our team are Caitlin, who is 22 and from Texas, Catherine, 20, from Pennsylvania, Marybeth, 20, from Ohio, and Emily, 19, from Minnesota. We’re from all over with different lifestyles and personalities and it’s been interesting getting to know each other, discovering our different strengths and weaknesses, and learning to accept each other in that. We were reminded at our host home during Thanksgiving how important community is; how important it is to put effort into a relationship, and how engaging in a relationship is what will strengthen it, rather than not being intentional with one another. Building a solid relationship is just the act of choosing to love, especially when it’s hardest.

“The way we came to know love was that He laid down His life for us; so we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.” (1 John 4:16) This verse is very accurate in team life, yes, but also should be true in the life of every human person. We’re all called to love our brothers and sisters. In team life, we’re able to practice that every day and it’s beautiful. Yes, our goal is to bring souls to Christ, but it’s not just about the youth. It’s about bringing our teammates, family, and everyone in your daily life closer to Him. We’re all on a mission for souls. Not because NET said we have to be, but because Jesus Himself did. As a team we plan to fulfill this mission Christ has called us to. So please pray for us as we continue this journey.

God bless,

NET Team 14

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