Friends of NET: Thank you for your partnership in reaching Catholic youth with the Gospel message. We know of your devotion to embrace and raise up the Church, now maybe more than ever, to spread the Good News and keep youth engaged. Recent studies indicate fewer than 20% of Catholics are practicing their faith by the age of 22.

The solution is for each of us to be guided by the Holy Spirit — to reach out to others, to be involved, and to care enough to play a vital part in the renewal of the Church and God’s will in our lives.

A huge support system, which you are a part of, makes this work possible. Together, since 1981, we’ve offered 32,000 retreats to more than 1.9 million young Catholics.

Now you can Connect with NET to continue to strengthen our NET mission together and share God’s hope for the future!

We invite you to learn more about opportunities that NET Ministries offers and engage further with our ministry to share it with others – whether it be attending an event, referring a young person, telling people about our retreats, following our blog as our various NET teams travel across the nation, or simply staying up-to-date through our social sites, podcasts, and news.

NET has an easy way to share its offerings in ways that are easiest for you!
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Written by Amy Acheson, Development

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