Continuing on with ministry these past few months has been extraordinary. We have been immersing ourselves with our parish, St. John the Baptist in New Brighton, MN even more; it seems the more we invest with the parish, the more people open up and share about themselves and the more our relationships become more intimate. The parishioners are extremely welcoming. We are also becoming more aware of who we are and how that correlates to us being sons and daughters of God. We’ve had many fruitful encounters. Between host families and thrift shops, God is truly everywhere. 

Speaking of thrift store, one time we were in a St. Vincent de Paul store for a team day, which is when we have a day off from ministry, but we spend it together as a team. We met a woman in the checkout line who overheard us talking about NET and thanked us for our willingness to serve. Then, out of the kindness of her heart, she paid our bill. We were even able to talk with her and pray with her on the sidewalk outside the store. SJB has been serving us in so many ways, one of which is setting up a Meal Train for us, and then parishioners sign up to bring us dinner most nights of the week. We are so grateful for their generosity and willingness to offer their time and talent in cooking delicious food! 

As a discipleship team we have the special privilege of staying with host families for two weeks at a time. It has been an incredible experience for us. They have truly gone above and beyond, bringing us to local events with them, taking us out to meals, allowing us to join in family nights, being accommodating with our busy schedule. Thankfully, our bonds with them increase even after we move onto another host home. We still continue to spend quality time with them and to go deeper in our relationships. We see most of our host families on a weekly basis which is such a joy for all of us. Praise God. 

A few things we have learned: 

– Always pack up early on evenings we have youth group. The youth always linger as late as they can
– Saturdays and Sundays aren’t down time–weekends mean nothing
– Minnesota needs more Chick-fil-As!! 

We hope that you and your loved ones have a blessed Advent and Christmas. Peace be with you. Sincerely yours,

– Team XIV


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