Hello to all those out there during the times of social distancing! Here in Minnesota we are being required to stay at home except for doing the most necessary things, and I would guess that most of those reading this are in a similar boat. In a lot of ways, I relate to this guy way too much:

Shoutout to those favorite spots on everyone’s couches and armchairs that are getting sat on way too much lately. Days are starting to blur together, and these memes are starting to get way too relevant.

Gone are the days of going to practice after school or heading out to go meet up with friends somewhere; now, we’re like, “Time to start that Netflix show that I always scrolled past before because it seemed weird.” I get it – I really do. Ask my roommates. At one point in the past week, one of the guys I live with found me super invested in watching a video of the inside of a running dishwasher on YouTube, and I had to seriously rethink how I spend my time.


But the thing is, we can do so much for the Kingdom of God, even now.

Even in quarantine, “social distancing” doesn’t mean “relational distancing.” We can still love people! And if we can love people, then by the power of the Holy Spirit we can love them with the perfect love of the perfect God. That is the love that can introduce people to Jesus Christ, who died and rose for each and every one of us. He is beyond good to us. So let’s not wait ‘for all this to be over’! (Honestly, waiting is never a thing when it comes to evangelization – Jesus isn’t interested in wasting any time in his relationships with people.) Plus, I can think of at least three reasons why now is the time to evangelize.


Reason #1: People are suffering. A lot.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 itself is causing grief and pain around the world, but even on top of that, others are being really affected by social distancing. Maybe you can think of someone who lost their job due to social distancing. Or maybe it’s someone who would simply really struggle with being isolated from friends or family as they self-quarantine. Whatever the case may be, we can help ease some of their suffering by reaching out to them, as our Lord reached out to those who were suffering in his time. Plus, their suffering might lead them to be more open to your witness of authentic love as a Christian.


Reason #2: Your family, or roommates, are probably trapped inside with you.

Yep – maybe this is the time the Lord is giving you to try to purify the love you have for your brother or sister or roommate who annoys you the most. Will you choose to take the opportunity to at least try your best to work on that relationship during this time? I know this is a hard one for me, personally. But on the plus side, they can’t get away from you now. Hear me out here – if you have family members (or roommates) who tend to avoid having real-talk conversations, or even just avoid having good quality time hanging out together with you, now is your chance to strike! Love them actively now more than ever, because they have nowhere to run.


Reason #3: Other people have some free time right now too.

Please see the following meme for this one.

That tea thing is actually super impressive, I admit, but it just goes to show that a lot of people are sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. Even those who are able to go to school or work in some way during quarantine are still not able to hang out with friends, play sports, participate in clubs and activities… the list goes on and on. 

So, let’s all take a second to think, myself included. Who can we reach today? It could be a family member, someone to text, or someone to DM on Instagram or whatever. Then, let’s pray: who does the Lord want us to reach out to? He will expect us to get out of our comfort zones, but that doesn’t mean that he wants us to reach every possible person in our contacts.

(Quick side note: video calling is in a lot of ways the most personal way to communicate from a distance that humans have ever had – and suddenly, a lot of people have gotten super used to doing that on tons of different platforms. Let’s use those resources!)

Let’s pray to God the Father and ask for His Spirit, so we can still make the Name of Jesus known and loved, even now. He will not stop doing amazing things in and through you, whoever you are, wherever you are.


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