NET Ministries’ Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruptions to almost all aspects of life, we want to keep you informed regarding the changes we are making to ensure the safety of our missionaries and the young people to whom they will minister. Here are our action steps:

NET has three medical doctors and two public health nurses currently advising us on best practices and safe environment procedures.

  1. As of December 15th, our NET team conducted 201 in-person retreats across the country, all while wearing face masks and while promoting distance procedures at all retreat sites.
  2. We continue to follow all COVID-19 related recommendations from the CDC found here: The team will follow any social distancing protocols that your parishes/schools, (arch)diocese, and state have implemented to keep everyone safe.
  3. All NET Missionaries were tested for COVID-10 upon arrival to St. Paul for training and in early December before returning to their families for the holiday season.  They were also tested again on January 7 – 8.  Symptom-based health checks are being performed and recorded daily throughout the year.  If a missionary shows any signs of symptoms they are tested right away.
  4. All NET Missionaries are required to have five washable masks to use during ministry throughout the year and are required to wear them around anyone who is not their team member. They will always wear a mask indoors.
  5. Our missionaries travel from place to place in a 12 passenger van. As they are considered a “family” we will treat them as such (no masks as standard, no social distancing, etc.). But, we will have van cleaning procedures, require personal hand sanitizers for every missionary, and require regular meticulous hand hygiene.
  6. Our program leadership has developed ways to practice safe social distancing during training and while they serve as missionaries around the country. Contact the NET Assistant Program Director, Matt Reiswig, at or 651.450.6833 ext.103 for a copy of the detailed procedures and protocols.
  7. We are asking for host home locations that could host an entire team including but not limited to larger family homes, convents, rectories, retreat centers, etc..  The fewer host families the better, just for this year, while hoping to prevent the team members from being exposed to the COVID19 virus.
  8. If retreats need to be canceled or rescheduled due to COVID, there is not a cancellation fee.
  9. While in-person ministry is our preferred model for ministry, we are offering virtual retreat formats and discipleship groups that can be utilized if in-person ministry is not an option. Learn more at
  10. We cannot eliminate all risks and we will have to live with some level of uncertainty. NET will take all reasonable steps to assure the health of our missionaries, staff, and those who come into contact with our NET teams.


Updated January 19, 2021

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