Day 2 – NET Fall Training | August 21, 2020

The second day of Fall Training is underway at the NET Center! Today, our chaplain, Fr. Brian Park, celebrated Mass for our missionaries. It was the first time in months that some of these young men and women were able to attend Mass and receive Jesus fully present in the Eucharist. It was a beautiful and grace-filled opportunity to worship and receive the Lord together.

You might be asking, in terms of our new safety protocols, how is everyone in the same room at the same time? In our large meeting space at the NET Center, St. Francis Hall, we are able to properly seat and space out all the missionaries and NET training staff. For the first two weeks of training, before eventually being put on a NET Team, missionaries are assigned to a small group. This year, that small group also acts as their “pod.” This pod eats together, sits together, and sleeps in the same dorm space. In St. Francis Hall, the pod’s row of chairs is spaced out at least 6 feet from every other row around them.

Day 2 (the first full day of training) is also, missionary picture day. Each missionary has their individual picture taken. This year, it is one of the few opportunities where missionaries will be able to have their mask off during training, other than eating and sleeping.


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