Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and to embrace the life of the Church





A vast majority of Catholic youth are disconnecting from the Church during their teenage years. To reawaken their faith, NET Ministries trains teams of young adults to make a transformational difference in parishes and schools across the United States. Since 1981, our missionaries have proclaimed the Gospel to over 2 million young people, inspiring them to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increasing their connection to the Catholic Church.

Their work is rooted in a deep devotion and love for Jesus and His Church and it has borne much fruit in this portion of the Lord’s vineyard. These young people do not view themselves as merely the ‘future’ of the Church – they know that they are the Church and their ministry and witness seeks to help other young people come to that same realization.

Most Reverend John R. Gaydos

Bishop of Jefferson City

My NET Retreat impacted me by showing me that I can go through my 20’s still loving God like I do now. You always hear the bad, like you are gonna lose your faith in these times, and it will be the hardest of you life. Then I see people like the NET Team destroying stereotypes, so now I can have the faith in myself to also defy those stereotypes.

Hallee M

Retreatant from Louisiana

I was blessed to work with NET Ministries for more than a decade as the President of their Board of Directors and I know firsthand the wonderful way that NET trains young men and women to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this intimacy with Christ that the NET teams bring to the young people of our nation, so that they, too, might form that personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m confident that their ministries will serve and continue to serve the young Church far into the future.

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson

Archbishop of St. Louis

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