One of the biggest things we have learned in this time of ministry is how important bringing up Jesus’ redeeming love in normal conversations is and that the Lord can bear fruit in every situation. One of the most profound examples of this are “no-obligation” days, where we spend the day recharging and taking care of anything we do not have time to do during ministry.

One no-obligation day, I decided to go get a haircut at one of the salons in town. While I was getting my haircut, I started chatting with the stylist about her kids and her family. The woman asked me what I was doing in South Dakota, and I explained to her about NET’s Mission. Honestly, telling people you are a Catholic missionary might be the easiest way to talk about Jesus of all time.

I was telling her about what we were doing and she was really curious as to why I gave up a year of my life for the sake of the Gospel. With that, she began to open up about her own faith and why her relationship with God is important to her. She started to mention that she actually went to the Baptist church down the street which led her to ask me why I chose to be Catholic and why I was so passionate about it. I got to share my own personal story about how I came to see Catholicism as truth and how Jesus’ love has shaped my life.

This led to a beautiful and amazing conversation about her life and her own personal testimony. Before I left, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray with this woman. I was pretty nervous because I had never prayed with a person outside of a ministry setting. I asked for the Holy Spirit to give me courage to pray with her and then I just went for it! It was such a beautiful experience to be a vessel and intercessor for her through prayer. She handed me her card and told me that I could reach out to her if I needed anything while we were in town and headed out of the door with my new hair. 

While I was praying about the Divine Providence of this whole situation, the Holy Spirit invited me to message her to get coffee sometime. Even through some reluctance because of nervousness, I knew that God wanted me to reach out to her. So we met up at the local Caribou and got coffee. We sat in this coffee shop for 2 hours and just got to talk about everything! It was one of the most beautiful and spirit-led conversations I have ever had.

She opened up about a lot of struggles in her life and how she had seen God’s fruit through it. It was  motivating for me to continue searching for the goodness in my trials. She opened up to me so much about her faith and was vulnerable about her personal faith. She opened up about her desire to share Jesus’ saving mercy with her children, about the beauties and struggles of motherhood! It was such a realization to me that when I follow the Spirit, He will show up and work in your life. It honestly was the most life-changing and motivational conversations I had ever had and all because I needed a haircut! 

Take the opportunity in your daily life to share the good news and be open to the Spirit working. Even on your days off, the Spirit is leading you somewhere beautiful and all I know is that I want to be where the Spirit is. I pray that you all are able to let go of comfortability and let the Spirit lead you where you are called! 

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