I love the feminine genius. The idea that women are so highly valued by God simply because they are women. We are seen, known and loved by the Creator and are considered the crown jewel of creation. Wow. How humbling it is to have that title.

St. John Paul the Second writes about this well in his Letter to Women.

Knowing vs. Real Life

I have absorbed myself in womanhood, sisterhood and authentic femininity my entire life, but there has always been a part of it that I haven’t been able to fully understand. You see I don’t have a dad, so I never learned how a man should treat a woman. I had seen bits and pieces of healthy relationships, but having that absence of a father figure in my life created holes in my understanding of my worth. 

When I got to NET, I held onto the belief that women have been and will always be disappointed by the men in their lives. The funny thing about NET (and God) is that human limits are usually shattered with healing power. As I travelled the country with 5 men, I started to open up and allow my heart to relearn what men were. What I didn’t realize was how much host dads were healing me. Seeing grown men treat their wives and daughters with so much respect and honor has been one of the most edifying things about this year. 

Host Dad

There was one host family I stayed with in Georgia for a couple of nights. My teammate and I ended up really getting along with them, and we quickly became close friends. On the last night, we stayed up late asking the host dad about marriage and raising kids. The last thing we asked him was for the advice that he had given his daughters. His response was so simple.

“I have always treated my daughters with so much love and care, so that when they grew up and new men came into their lives, they could ask themselves ‘would my dad treat me like this?’ If the answer was no, maybe that man isn’t the right one.”

Oh how that cut into my heart!

God’s Love

God the Father says that same thing to me. He treats me so well and lavishes such an abundance of love on me. This man – this human – has such a beautiful love for his daughters that is so apparent in everything he does. How much more does my perfect Father, the God of the universe, love me! Through the way Abba has loved me, I have learned that I am worthy of love and pursuit.

I had been living my entire life failing to realize that women have an instinctive desire to be pursued, because we are inherently designed for it. 

In Short

I am worthy of love. And if a man with human limitations can love his daughters so intentionally, I can be loved also. 

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