“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26

Greetings from NET team 7!

We pray that you had a wonderful Christmas season, rejoicing in the birth of our savior. After an amazing Christmas with our families, we’ve been so happy to be back on the road. We are currently serving in the diocese of Denver, Colorado. We’ve been having so much fun meeting new people, seeing the beautiful mountains, and living this great adventure in Christ. 

A great adventure in Christ  is truly what the last five months our lives have been; trusting in the Lord with everything. The Lord is so good to us, all the time. We have faith that God will provide, that we are not called to worry about tomorrow, but that we are called to live in the present. That is what we’ve been learning, and the devil attempts to keep us living in the past or the future because the Lord isn’t there. The Lord is in the present. He is longing to walk with us, and if we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we won’t worry about our past mistakes or our future situations. We will be living with Christ in the present moment. 

One sister shares about how the Lord always provides and cares for us, and sometimes He uses us to provide and care for others. “We got to spend an entire week with the same host family. Early in the week, I was off retreat, so I decided to spend the day at my host home. At first, it was a little strange. It was a Sunday, so both host parents were home from work. The mom was out, so just the dad and I were there. After a little while, I soon found myself sitting at the kitchen counter talking with him. Next thing I knew, three hours had passed. The host dad was telling me all about his life, his family, and the struggles he has overcome. We talked about how good God is– and I was amazed at how quick the time had passed. He wept as he told me about the loss of his father and we laughed as he showed me pictures and videos of his children. It was so beautiful. At the end of our time together, he thanked me. He said it was so inspiring to encounter someone who cared, who listened, who loved, and who praised God. He thanked me for reminding him that there is hope in this world, and that there are good people. He also mentioned how much he appreciated the reminder to thank and praise God, even for the hardships. This man was so grateful to have a listening ear, and someone to talk to. I was lucky enough to be that person.” This goes to show how God provides for us, He provided that listening ear for that host dad to feel loved. We just need to give it all over to Him, and He will take care of it. 

Being on NET, we’ve learned a lot about flexibility, and boy, it’s a gift. Since we‘re in a new place every day, we are always on our toes! Regardless of where we are, we normally get up pretty early. After we wake up, we start our day out in the best way possible, with Jesus. We spend time praying on our own, offering our day up to the Lord. Then we get ready for our day and eat breakfast with our host families. After that, we set off to the school or parish to start getting ready for that day’s retreat, making sure that everything is nice and welcoming for the youth when they come. Then we get to do what we do best: share with youth the good news that Jesus loves us! After the retreat, we clean up and pray for the retreatants, load up the trailer, and spend time as a team praising the Lord for all He has done. Once finished praying we often times will travel to our next retreat site. When we get to our new retreat site we meet our new host families and eat dinner with them. Then after a long day it’s time to go to bed. Then about six hours later we do it all over again. Everyday is truly a gift from the Lord!

God Bless,
Team 7
Annie, Gaby, Ethan, Brie, Austin, Elly, Joe, John Paul, & Maria


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