It is a really crazy time to be alive. As I write this, the worst pandemic in over 100 years is happening. Healthcare, political, and societal structures are being pushed and tested in a way they never have been before. In following our religious and political leaders’ orders and suggestions, many of us now live in quarantine. We are stuck at home. It is during this time that we are trapped and bored that I wish to ironically talk to you about being homesick. 

I heard it once said that we are all a little bit homesick. What does that mean? And I don’t mean we’re sick with a cold or flu…at our house. We long for home. I can think back to my childhood when my family would go on vacations to northern Georgia or the Grand Canyon. Though it was a lot of fun, towards the end of the trip, I always began to feel a longing for home. I missed the comfort, safety, and security of home…and my dog as well. To finally drive down my long dirt driveway, pull up to the oak tree where my mom always parked her van, and then run inside, open the door and just take in my house always brought me so much joy. It is interesting how we never notice how our house smells a certain way until we leave it for a while and come back. Anyways…

I believe our feelings of being homesick goes deeper than vacations, or moving to a new house, or perhaps leaving to go to college. There is something inside us that is restless for rest. It is restless for a deeper home. The truth is, our home is not here on this earth. Our home is in heaven. 

Phillipians 3:20 states:
“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we also await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

The whole crisis with Covid-19 really puts it in perspective how fragile this world is and how delicate the systems we have been taking for granted really are. We long for perfect security, perfect safety, perfect reliability…we long for perfection. We need to strive to make this world a better place, but not to possess it. It is not ours to own. This world is a gift from the Father, as well as our lives. 

This ache in our hearts that we feel when we are alone is very real. Some of us think it is for financial success and security. Some of us think it is for a time when we will not suffer from physical ailments. Or perhaps, some of us think it is for that future someone we are yet to meet and spend the rest of our lives with. Perhaps, that longing is for Jesus, and it has been all along. We are all a little bit homesick. It is time we lived our lives as they are meant to be lived, not as our own to be possessive over…but as gifts from our good God. From our Father.

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