Hosting a NET Team

We ask that the parish provide food and lodging for the team throughout the year from members of the parish community. This is a very important and valuable aspect of the ministry which allows more of the parish community to get involved. A minimum of two NET team members of the same gender are housed together. Host homes are scheduled on a 2-3 week rotation.

The members of the parish team have done miracles at our home in just the little time they have been there. My son has done a complete 180 and that is all thanks to NET. God works in mysterious ways. I had never even considered hosting members of the NET team, but God had plans for us. I am so glad I did this. Again, THANK YOU so very much for giving our family this wonderful blessing. If for any reason the NET team needs to stay longer or needs to come back, PLEASE keep us in mind.
- Minnie C, Host Home

NET Team Members Will:

● Provide a Christian witness in host family situations;
● Participate in occasional family meals and activities;
● Engage in evangelistic conversation/faith sharing with host families;
● Initiate or participate in family prayer with host families.

Things to Know

● Team members travel with their own sleeping bags, personal items and are flexible with where they sleep.
● NET will provide any allergy and diet information as well as biographical information about each team
● The host homes will also receive a team photo and a weekly NET Team schedule, including meals times in the host home.
● All NET Team Members go through an extensive application, screening, and training process as part of volunteering to serve with NET.

This process includes:
● Requiring each missionary to provide three references who can testify to his or her suitability. Each reference is than verified by our staff.
● A live interview and a letter from their Pastor stating they are in good standing
with the Catholic Church.
● A criminal background check of each prospect, specialized to accommodate the young age of the NET team members.
● Training and certification in safe environments through the “ VIRTUS – Protecting God’s Children ” course by the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. And any additional safe environment training and screening (i.e. fingerprinting) that may be required by a local diocese.
● Successful completion of NET’s training process.

Which includes:
● Appropriate standards of conduct for those working with youth;
● Inappropriate speech, touch, and relationships with youth;
● Requirements for creating a safe environment for all youth; and
● Guidelines for ensuring their own personal safety.
● Once the NET team members are in active ministry with NET, they continue to receive ongoing training and supervision by NET staff members which include weekly contact and approximately monthly onsite visits.

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