Interested in hosting a NET Team Member?

NET traveling and parish team members all spend a year away from their own families to share their faith with young Catholics across the country. They can end up in a different city every night, and host homes are the vital part of NET Ministries that care for teams while they’re away from home.

Host homes provide a place for team members to eat, pray and rest their heads each night, and many team members cite an experience at a host home as one of their favorite memories from the road. Many families welcome NET teams into their homes year after year, and stay in touch with the team members even after their time with NET has finished.

Host homes do not need to worry about having enough beds for the team members they host. Every team member has his or her own sleeping bag and pillow, so floors, couches, or air mattresses work just fine.

When applying to host members of a NET team, host homes can request men or women, and in quantities from 2-7.


Interested in Hosting?

We hosted our first NET team this year and it was an amazing experience for our whole family! We were so blessed by the ministry of presence they gave each member of our family. We truly felt the presence of Christ in our home because of their presence, not to mention all the fun we had with them. I highly recommend hosting Netters any chance you get!
Jennifer B.

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