“To know, to love, and to serve God”

Hello again from Naples! Since our last blog, we have slowly transitioned into the “winter” here in Florida. Seven out of the eight of us are from the North, and this so-called “winter” (A.K.A. 75-80 degrees) is quite pleasant compared to our usual climate. Going back to Minnesota for Christmas will be quite the shocking event.

Besides continuing to enjoy warm weather, we have been enjoying our time at St. John’s. The mission statement of our parish (stated above) has really inspired our team. One of the ways St. John’s accomplishes this mission is by incorporating activities into the faith. Sports are a huge way that we bring Christ to others. Our youth minister is constantly giving us opportunities to interact with youth through athletics. There is open gym for basketball, ultimate frisbee, scooterball (which is a cross between dodgeball and capture the flag) and so many more! At each event there are youth that we have gotten to know through their love for sports. There is also an open mic night every first Thursday of the month in which youth, young adults, and some of our team members participate. We have enjoyed using the talents the Lord has given us to evangelize.

Another part of our ministry that we have enjoyed is our host home ministry! We have the opportunity to stay with families for two weeks, which is a unique blessing because we are able to invest in their lives. We have been blessed to watch the Lord use our example to increase the faith of our host families. The men on our team got to stay with a single man who was generous enough to host all four of them. At the beginning of their stay, the men talked to him about the importance of daily mass. This is something dear to our hearts because we go to daily mass as a team. The next day, he was at daily mass and has decided to go from now on. They also told him about Marian consecration and gave him a copy of 33 Days to Morning Glory, a popular Marian consecration book. He decided to start the consecration on the next beginning date! This is only one of the many times Christ has used our faith to bring others closer to Him.  

We look forward to many more memories and experiences with the youth, young adults, and host families here in Naples. We are continually reminded that we can’t do anything without Christ’s graces. He is all we need. Have a blessed Advent.

God bless,

NET Team 15

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