Hello! Welcome back to the life of Team 8! For the past month, we have had a total of 4 retreats and have taken part in some ministry with the parishes we held retreats at.  

Our four retreats were in Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas. In some of these retreats, we have had an “open mic” when the youth are allowed to come and speak about their experience they had with their NET retreat. We did this at the retreat in Kansas and various youth went up to speak.

Adam was leading the retreat. He got up and said, “I feel like there is at least one more person that the Lord really wants to speak” and after many youth got ready to go up. It is so beautiful seeing the youth so open to sharing their experience. At the end of the retreat we had in Waco, Texas, a youth named Cat wrote on her “share your net experience form”: 

“Before the NET retreat, I was lost and didn’t know where I was at in my faith. I doubted God. Now I can actually feel him there and I feel like maybe now I can finally truly begin my life.” 

I am not sure about you, but this blew my mind away. It is amazing for retreat teams, who usually plant seeds and cannot watch them grow, to see and hear the youths experiences. We get to see a little of the future of the beautiful plant that is growing.

Another time in St. Jerome in Waco, Texas, we were able to partake in some of their ministry. We joined events where youth come and learn about big topics of the church and discuss them. The first time was about the history of Catholicism. One interesting thing we learned was that Jesus said he would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days and water would come from the side. He meant this when, three days later he was crucified and when he was stabbed on the side, water came flowing out. The NET missionaries also learn and grow in their faith as they minister to the youth!

The second time, we spoke about abortion, heaven, hell, purgatory and judgement. We got to help in small groups and it was amazing to see how the youth knew so much and were learning with them. They asked hard questions and that was so awesome because the youth want to know about their religion. 

Furthermore, we have been very blessed to be able to have a lot of time to grow as a team. We were in Waco and we had a team day, which is where the team hangs out for the whole day, and Adam had an amazing team day plan! We did a scavenger hunt in downtown Waco!

We split up into two teams and walked almost 6 miles in the duration of 4 hours looking for the most random things. We got to go on an amazing adventure together and get out of our comfort zones as we asked random servers for take out menus and put pennies in our shoes every time we saw someone with Baylor apparel! Then we hung out at Magnolia afterward and we may or may not have shared a pizza and some tea! Just kidding, we totally did! 

Team 8 wants to thank all of y’all for reading about our life but also for your prayers and your donations! You are a big part of our ministry and every single thing we’ve been able to do. Thank you so much and y’all are always in our prayers! God bless y’all and I hope y’all are doing great!

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