As a retreat team, a big part of our ministry is exactly that…retreats. It can be easy to romanticize, but if we’re honest, it makes it easier for us to fall into a routine.

Luckily for us, though, God works through broken things and makes them ridiculously beautiful. And that’s what this story will be about.

It was a dreary February day. Rainy. Sad. Everyone on the team was in one of those rainy day lazy moods where you’d rather curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate than interact with anyone in the slightest. But the retreat was approaching, and the closer it got the sleepier everyone seemed to get. And then, suddenly, we had 100+ young people expected. And then our supervisors were coming to visit, so someone needed to leave to go to the airport and pick them up. And then our team leaders had a meeting so they weren’t there to set up. And then everything seemed to happen all at once. It was pretty obvious that everyone was at least a little stressed out, but we realized we couldn’t let the devil take this retreat out from under us just because we were worried. So what did we do?

We prayed.

We gave the whole retreat to the Mother of God.

We decided right there that we were going to give it our all and then let the Lord work.
What happened? God showed up! He pulled us out of the routine like He’s done over and over again and He worked miracles in the lives of the youth.

“The NET retreat impacted me in many ways. I learned that I can trust Him and I should trust Him as much as I love Him. I don’t want any doubts in my relationship with God. While I was praying [on the retreat] I felt something that can’t be described. I started crying but felt comforted and like someone I was really close with was helping me. I enjoyed my time with small group and had a lot of fun.”
– Alyssa, PA

“To put this simply, NET was something that I needed in my life. Everything about it inspires me to want to be closer to my Creator. I truly wish everyone could experience this retreat. It had the right mix of education and humor, which made it really enjoyable. I’m glad I came!”
– Noah, PA

“[The retreat] showed me that God is with me no matter what. I learned ways I could communicate with God.”
– Michael, PA

There’s no way our sleepy, dreary day could have turned into something so beautiful if we hadn’t invited the Lord into that brokenness. He changed the lives of those young people and all we did was put ourselves aside and let him do his thing.

NET team 8

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