Extreme Faith

A day in the life of a NET Missionary requires something very specific, something basic to Christian life in general. To be a missionary and to be a Christian we all need faith. Boundless, reckless, extreme faith.

In Mark’s Gospel, chapter 5, verses 25-34, there is an extremely beautiful story of this extreme faith. The story of the hemorrhaging woman. This woman had been suffering for years and years, doing all she could to heal herself to no avail. But as she saw Jesus walking through the crowd, she crawled and shoved and made her way to His feet so she could just touch the edge of His robe. She had reckless faith that Jesus was powerful and that He could and would heal her. And He did. He turned to her and said “Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.” She was healed instantly from a disease, freed from a burden that had been weighing her down for years. And yet, if Jesus hadn’t stopped to talk to her, no one in that crowd would even have noticed. Imagine how many retreatants are healed and connected to God in extreme and beautiful ways that we never see and will never know about. We need to have faith that God is doing incredible things all the time and we don’t always need to know.

We need to have faith in God in countless things. Faith that God will provide the basic things we need through the generosity of those around us, that He will provide our food, a place to sleep. We need to have faith that God is really in control of our mission, because left in only our hands, all would fail. We need to have faith that God is in charge of the people we encounter and the conversations we have and the things that we say to the young people on retreats. We need to have faith that when we call on God for help, He does respond. We need boundless, reckless, and extreme faith.  

As a NET Team, those are some of the things we need to have faith in, but as Christians we all need to have faith. Faith is a gift from God alone, so join us in praying for that gift and thanking our Lord for the millions of things He is doing that we will never even know about.

Peace and Prayers to you all.

Team 14

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