Hello from the sunshine state! The members of Team 15 are excited to be back in Fort Pierce, Florida ministering to the youth of St. Anastasia’s Catholic Church. The parish has truly welcomed us into their vibrant community and many times the team has discussed how blessed we are to interact with such unique people every day.

We’ve been hard at work for four weeks now and each week seems to go by faster than the last. A typical day for us usually starts with Adoration and Daily Mass where we have the opportunity to talk with the daily communicants and see the grade school students. After Mass is finished, we head over to the ‘NET Room,’ which is where we spend a good portion of our time. As a first year team, we were able to decorate the room ourselves with lights, bible verses, prayer requests, posters, and a map that shows where all of us are from. While we are there in the morning, it is a time for each member of the team to either plan ministry, memorize scripture, or work on some housekeeping items that keep our ministry running smoothly. The time flies by pretty quickly and before we know it we are heading over to either the Catholic high school or Catholic middle school to eat lunch with the youth.

When we first arrived in Florida, school lunches seemed almost daunting as we stood at the front of the cafeteria wondering where in the world we should sit. However, now that we’ve been able to build relationships with the students, it has become a time for us to get to see the youth during the day and meet those who we haven’t had the opportunity to talk with yet. During the high school lunch we even started up praise and worship in the school’s chapel for the students. At times we’ve had nearly thirty students attend the time of praise and many have expressed how their time in chapel is a great way to find peace in their otherwise hectic school days.

Once lunch is finished the team heads back to the NET room to prepare the rest of the events for the day. Some of the events we host and help out with are Open NET Room for middle school students, Confirmation classes, CCD classes, San Juan Diego’s (the hispanic mission) youth group, Youth Mass, and an actively growing young adult group. The Lord has blessed us with many different ways to minister to the parish, allowing us to journey with the parishioners on their walk to Him. We’ve found that as we work to bring hearts closer to His Sacred Heart, Christ is silently and gently bringing our hearts closer to Him as well.

There is a lot we are looking forward to in the coming months and we ask that you continue to pray that we may be docile to the Holy Spirit and continually open our hearts to receive Christ’s love. We’re praying for you!

Yours in Christ,
Team 15

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