What a crazy few weeks this has been! Seven of the eight people on our team arrived at St. Hubert’s after a fun and life-giving time at the NET Center, where we received a little more training to aid us in the second half of our NET year. After a couple of days of solidarity in the sickness, we started healing one by one, till we had a team of five people at the parish for a consecutive number of days.

Getting back into the ministry has been an adjustment of sorts. It was beautiful to see the anticipation and excitement the young adults and parishioners had for our arrival after our  break. It was also challenging to get back into the pace of parish life, with all of the set criteria needing to be completed in a day. The beginning of this second semester has prompted a renewed vigor in the ministry which is translating into our interactions with the young people. Through confirmation classes and EDGE nights, we have been able to meet the youth on a more basic level than ever before because of the growth that the Lord deemed necessary and acceptable from the first semester.

One example of growth was revealed very recently at St. Hubert’s.

One of the young women going through the Confirmation program pulled Ariella aside after the Wednesday night class and shared that after sixteen years of life, ten of those consisting of a Catholic school education, she finally realized the presence of God for the first time. She had been agnostic her whole life despite her upbringing because she had never “felt” God before in her life.

This example proves the profound work the Lord is doing in lives around us. He is using all of us to bring others closer to him and our main job is to remain open to his saving work. We must unite our wills with that of the Lord and remain joyful and loving through the good times and bad.

My encouragement to you all is to remain faithful to what God is asking of you in each of your personal lives. He wants your “yes” in every moment of every day. In all circumstances praise the Lord and offer the work of your hands to him.
NET Team 12

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