Time seems to be passing us so fast these past few months as the month of May sits on the horizon. Luckily, the weather here in Minnesota has blessed us with some beautiful days which have definitely been refreshing to the Home Team here in West Saint Paul.

Refreshment is something that we will all gladly take a lot more of. As months of ministry zoom by, it has definitely been tough to not make every day seem so scheduled. Each day we wake up, make our morning coffee, do our morning prayer, head over to the NET Center, do team prayer, do some ministry prep work, and then depart for a retreat. Then the next day, it seems that we repeat the process over again. Moreover, as the season of Lent has fallen upon us, the team has been challenged to not make our faith, our relationship with God, or our ministry so scheduled either.

However, God calls us each and every day to start new and refreshed.

Our relationship with God, with our teammates, and with retreatants shouldn’t fall into a schedule or a routine, but instead every day we should be open to the new opportunities that are waiting to be given to us.

As retreat ministry life has gone on, it has definitely been interesting to see where God leads us in the moment. Whether that might be a quick change of the drama we planned on doing or if suddenly we are doing prayer stations in the back of the church, God definitely has some tricks up his sleeve. But it is during these moments that we can more visibly see the fruits of what happens when we are open to the Holy Spirit and the way He wants to work in and through us.

Another part of our ministry that has been a huge impact to us on the Home Team has been the two-week host families we stay with. Though after we get home from a long and tiring day of ministry, our first instinct is to flop down on beds, it seems that it’s the nights when it’s the hardest to stay awake, that we bond the most with our host family.

The relationships that we build with host parents or host children are so memorable. So much so, that it fills us with joy when we see on our schedule that we are staying with a previous host family again.

Lent has been a beautiful reminder to us about sacrificing ourselves, just as Jesus did on the cross. Sacrificing our sleep, our wants and desires, or those moments in which we would rather do anything else than invest. We have definitely seen the roses and thorns of ministry, but God has blessed us so much this year and especially this semester.

So whether or not things do feel scheduled, we are busting out of the routine and letting the Holy spirit lead us as we finish up these last two-ish months.

Please keep us in your prayers.

God’s peace,
NET Team 1

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