Greetings from Team 14! Week to week, our schedule is pretty regular. During school hours we take care of team responsibilities and plan our ministry. After school, we typically meet one-on-one with students. This continues for a few hours until it is time to go back to host homes for dinner. We always look forward to spending evenings with our host families.

Fridays are exciting days for Team 14! We begin ministry at lunchtime when we go to local public high schools to have lunch with students. We stay at school for several hours, sitting with students during each lunch period. This is valuable time for us because it might be the only time that some students are able to meet with us. There are several students at each school that count on us being at lunch on Friday to talk.

Between homework and extracurriculars, students’ lives are hectic after school, so it is a blessing to be able to meet them over a meal.

After lunch, the team comes back to St. Francis to have personal prayer and team prayer. This lasts for a couple hours, and by the time it’s finished it is time for more ministry! From after school until 9:00pm, teammates hang out with students in various capacities. Some of us have Discipleship Training groups and small groups, where 3-8 students get together to go deeper in their faith. In between group meetings, teammates meet one on one with students at coffee shops and fast food places. It is quite a busy afternoon, but we come together at 7:00pm for high school large group events.  

Friday night large group events are held at the NET House at St. Francis. They range from Coffee House themed hang outs to outdoor night games and anything in between. This is the place for teens who are on the fence about their faith to come and get to know peers who are part of the church. It is a time for high schoolers to be themselves in a supportive and positive environment.

You’ve heard from us as a whole, but we would like to send personal messages as well.

  • Mark doesn’t have any shoutouts, except for Greg.
  • Enrique is silent.
  • Maggie is engrossed in ministry, per usual.
  • Suness says hi to her mom, grandma, Sara Braden, and Molly Gallagher.
  • Eddie shouts out to his host grandparents, Jim and Shirley. Dab on that.
  • Grant sends love to all the Wisconsinites reading this.
  • Katelyn wants to shout out to Mamma Len and to all of her Honduran friends.
  • Laura reminds us that it is always good to be creative in ministry.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for our next blog!

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