The team has been busy preparing for events, retreats, and our own hearts for the season of Lent. Together as a team we really want to take this opportunity to quiet our own thoughts, wills, and desires and allow the Lord to enter into team life, ministry, and our own spiritual journeys. Please pray for us!

The most significant aspect of ministry for us this half was a high school weekend retreat that the team put on for the parish. Even though NET equips its missionaries well for putting on retreats, as a parish team, we had to put in much time and effort into making sure everything ran smoothly. As the retreat approached, the nerves started to kick in and some team members expressed fear and doubt about how well we could put on a retreat. However, through prayer and conversation we came to the realization that the success of the retreat didn’t rely on our doing, but on the Holy Spirit, who never fails us. We knew that the Lord was calling us to love and serve, and through God’s grace, we would be able to surrender our worries and plans for the retreat into His hands.

Not only did the retreat run smoothly, but I am confident that the youth encountered Christ, especially in Adoration. We weren’t perfect, and there were definitely aspects we could have done better, but the response from the retreatants after the retreat was consolation that the Lord was truly at work. Here are some things they had to say:

“The NET experience helped me find my faith again. I really feel like God really spoke through the missionaries and it was overall a great experience.” -Ayleen, 16

“This NET retreat helped me realize that we need to show more fellowship to each other. It also made me understand that as women, we need to be more humble and lift each other up instead of bringing each other down.” -Jane, 17

“I really loved it! Through the whole thing I felt like I was becoming closer to Christ and having fun! One of the coolest retreats I’ve done!” -Joey, 15

“I now have a deeper faith and trust in God. It was a ton of fun and I just generally enjoyed it.” -Jose, 16

“My NET retreat impacted me by being able to open myself up when I’m talking to God, letting Him help me out with the problems that I have, and make good decisions for not only myself, but for Him too.”


This coming weekend we will be putting on a retreat for middle schoolers and have many more events to come before we leave in May. Please continue to pray for us as we work to be humble and generous servants to those we encounter. We are praying for you!

Yours in Christ,
Team 15


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