Music Training

Music Training is a week-long workshop that improves practical skills and focuses on how to lead worship.

NET Ministries has a charism of expressive and charismatic prayer. We believe that the Holy Spirit can move powerfully in our prayer and move us in our worship. We know that God has given us unique gifts, and we want to allow missionaries to grow those gifts and lead others closer to Jesus.

Learn what it means to have the heart of a worship leader and take opportunities to lead others in worship.

What you will learn:

– Reading the Number System
– Choose Keys that Suit Your Voice
– Work with Other Musicians
– Lead Worship for Small and Large groups


Music Training begins Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Audition for Music Training

Before attending Music Training everyone must record a video (or split it into two videos) of you playing and singing one Christian song of your choosing and one of the following three songs:

– Lord of Lords by Hillsong Worship
– Here Is My Life by Ed Conlin
– Do It Again by Elevation Worship


The video(s) include the following:

– Your First & Last Name
– The Name of the Song You Are Playing & Singing
– At Least the Verse, Chorus, & Bridge (if there is one) for Both Songs


Do not include anybody else singing or playing an instrument


Chord charts are printed in the key of the recording, but you may play it in any key.

You can upload directly to the Google Form using your own Google Account or upload to a video hosting site (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and share the link in the Google Form.


Music Training FAQs

Do I need my own guitar?

Since your guitar is the primary instrument for leading worship, yes, you will need your own guitar.

Will my guitar get destroyed on the road?

Most guitars survive the year, but will endure some degree of ‘wear-and-tear.’ A hard-shell case for your instrument is highly recommended!

Will NET insure my guitar?

No. If your guitar is valued at more than $1,000, we suggest bringing a less valuable guitar.

Can I bring my other instruments?

You may bring an ukulele. For any other instruments, please speak with the music administrator by emailing

For any questions, Contact

Megan Avila 

Music and Mission Support

651.450.6833 x 131

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