As I’ve been traveling my way around the states to share NET and give young adults the opportunity to serve as a NET Missionary, I’ve found that it is really YOU ALL who are able to “get me in” so to say. It is because of YOUR relationships and connections that I’m able to speak, visit, and seek out those individuals around the country who may be called to serve with NET. With that said: THANK YOU!

So here I am, calling out to you. If you know, are familiar with, or are a part of a…
• Catholic college
• Young adult group
• College Newman center
• Parish youth group
• Catholic High School
• Or any institution similar where there are wonderful Catholics

Then please send me an email noting the group or institution that you would like NET to visit and we will further connect with you to see what we can cook up!
We would love to create an ongoing database to draw from over the following year and even years to come, so please feel free to be specific if you have a place in which you believe we should be recruiting!
Also, specifically: we are trying to break into the NORTHEAST. The dates we would like to make a Northeast trip happen are between: January 25th-January 31st. If you or someone you know could get us a connection to the Northeast, that’d be our first priority!
Again, having your help is truly one of the greatest gifts to this ministry and we are so thankful for all of you that share the opportunity to serve with NET!



Ashley Hettinger
Recruiting Assistant





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