Being in New Brighton Minnesota has been a wonderful and spiritually enriching experience for us here on NET team 12. We have really gotten to know the beautiful community here at St. John’s and our ministry is flourishing even under the scary shadow of Covid-19. One of the beautiful opportunities that has blossomed out of this is our extended stay of a month at host homes. In this time we’ve really gotten to know and love our host families. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in a host home was on the first night here. I was a little nervous going in but the host family immediately accepted us in and treated us like we were family. We stayed up late into the night talking around a campfire and even every second was phenomenal. Being in host homes this long has truly been a blessing.

In a scary year like this putting all your trust in the Lord is incredibly needed. The Lord showed me this in a very beautiful way. At the beginning of the NET year a lot was unknown about how this year would look. All we could do was give it up to God and hope that it all went well. Getting to New Brighton hit me with a spiritual 2-by-4 because I realized ministry cannot stop. People still need to be shown the love of Jesus and the power of the church. Especially now with anxieties, loneliness, and fear being so prevalent with Covid. A lot of the teens have opened up to me about how coming back to mass and youth group was incredibly relieving after being stuck at home. Getting to see the love of Jesus’ effect this community has made all the uncertainty worth it. At NET training we were taught the bible verse 2 Corinthians 6:28 and it goes,

“Behold, now is a very acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”

I want to challenge you to accept that verse. We need to all be strong and make it through these hard and uncertain times. Be it in a workplace, school, or at home be a beacon of light for those around you. Remember now is the acceptable time. You can do anything with Christ. 

With lots of love and prayers,
Team 12
Bryson, Catherine, Edward, Margret, Maria, Primo, Viviana, and Zach

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