Dear Friend in Christ,

What is that one bit of advice you would like to share with the next generation more than anything … a message that would 1) help guide a young person throughout their life, 2) serve as a safety net in a world of unknowns, and 3) offer reassuring, unending love?

It’s quite simple, right? “Stay close to God!”

We live in a time where young people are bombarded with media messages, but there is a powerful “hand-held” option out there with a stronger, direct connection that is free of any electronic device — it’s called praying. And there is real power in it!

For example, it is because of your prayers and support that our NET missionaries are able to reach so many young people with the Gospel message. During their time with youth on retreats, NET team members also teach them how to pray and use the Bible to hear about God’s personal love for them. The result is that many thousands of Catholic young people are experiencing an awaking in their love for God and a renewed interest in their Catholic faith.

Truly, NET supporters like you are making a positive impact in the lives of Catholic youth across the country by ensuring that NET missionaries are available to remind them to include God in their lives every day! In fact, this month NET Ministries is celebrating a substantial milestone: since our inception 36 years ago, we have had the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church with two million young people!

Here’s what a few of these young people who recently attended a NET retreat had to say:

“I realized that all I wanted was to be loved. Not just loved, but loved by God.
Only He will fill the God-shaped hole in my heart. Only He will make me happy.”

“I found my worth and saw that God loves and accepts me, no matter what.
I see how important God is in my life now and how He should be put first.”

“The NET retreat was amazing. During the silent prayer time, I was filled with joy and happiness,
and I felt like Jesus was sitting right in front of me.”

Retreatants ages 14-17

So, let’s continue with this great momentum! Your prayers and support are making it possible for NET missionaries to pray with more Catholic youth than ever before, and to share with them the message – Stay Close to God! I ask you to please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this joint outreach to Catholic teens by making a charitable gift to NET Ministries.

I thank you in advance for your generous response.

God bless,
Jim Hastings
Development Director
NET Ministries

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