Team Life

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a community of people living the authentic, Christian life and growing through a shared experience of ministry and prayer

Retreat Teams


NET’s dynamic evangelistic retreats help young people encounter the person of Christ. Our retreat teams use peer-to-peer ministry to bring God’s love to retreatants. NET Retreats include large group presentations, small group discussions, sharing personal testimonies, and prayer
with each young person.

The average NET Retreat Team:

Travels 20,000 miles
Serves 7-8 diocese
Lead 150 NET Retreats
Reaches 8,500 young people



NET Retreats can span 4 hours to 3 days. They include large group talks, dramas, small groups, and time for individual prayer. Throughout the entire retreat, the youth are extended the invitation to embrace their faith and cultivate a personal relationship with Christ.

Discipleship Teams


NET Discipleship Teams enrich Catholic culture and help form lifelong disciples in a parish or school community through evangelistic outreach, life-changing discipleship, and Christian witness. While working at one specific school or parish, they might be involved in:

High School Youth Group
Junior High Ministry
Discipleship Groups
Young Adult/Core Team Ministry
Teen Mass
Retreats for Parish Youth



Discipleship Teams will reach out to teens who are not actively involved in parish life by going to local teen events/sporting events, eating lunch with youth at school, and or popular hangout spots, and simply being a light to the community.


“Before NET, I thought that I knew what it meant to love others and be loved by others. Well, God rocked my world in that regard. When I first arrived to training, I was so overwhelmed by the joy and genuine hearts that I encountered in every single missionary and staff member. My heart was bursting because I could not believe how generous God was being with the people in my life…

As I was placed on my team and we were sent out on the road to do our ministry, I felt as though there was nothing left for me to learn about loving and being loved. I had already spent a whole five weeks at training–what more could there be? I was SO wrong. Every single day spent with my brotherhood and sisterhood I was pushed to pour out more and more of myself in loving my teammates. The catch is that this didn’t only come from a place of God working in my own heart, but it also came from seeing God work in the hearts of my teammates.”


Isabela | Team 8, 2021-2022

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Missionary Blogs

BOLDNESS! | Team 14

BOLDNESS! | Team 14

Be BOLD. Especially in prayer. This is something we figured out rather quickly on the road.  Some time after we arrived at Saint John the Baptist we were wondering what our team patron saint should be. Several of us had devotions to Our Lady of Guadalupe and were very...

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