We have been in the Sioux Falls Diocese in South Dakota for awhile now. One of the great opportunities we have as a diocesan team is that we get to put on retreats as well as something called an Encounter Event. It is basically a short retreat for all age groups. This retreat has prayer ministry, a time for the youth to sit with the message they heard and an opportunity to be prayer over.

During this prayer ministry on our first retreat in the diocese, one retreatant who got up to be prayed over in the back of the church. He was the only one to come be prayed over. We finished the retreat and left not knowing if anyone else was impacted. Our team just wanted to forget about ever going into that parish.

 A couple months later in a different town, a bus full of the same youth from that first retreat pulled up to the church. During prayer ministry, the same retreatant who had the courage to be prayed over on our first retreat did the same thing at this event. We were having a time of adoration, confession, prayer stations, and praise and worship. For a while, everyone was sitting still and did not seem to be engaged.

However, there was a moment when that retreatant got up and headed toward the confessional. He had to climb over a whole pew of people, yet had the courage to receive God’s mercy for him. Within minutes of everyone seeing him go to confession, the entire church got up to receive Jesus’ mercy and to be prayed over by our teammates. 

This was such an impactful moment for our team. It reminded us that we are simply the sower of the seeds and that God is continually bringing the youth closer to Him. It was also a reflection of the fact that all it takes is one person to start a chain reaction. Even how cheesy that sounds, the truth is that it took that one courageous action of the retreatant to start a group of people receiving God’s mercy and intercession.

From all of us at Team 10, we encourage you to be the courageous one!
Love, Team 10

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