Our team had a NET Catalyst event, a type of event NET Teams facilitate where we go to this same parish multiple times and build relationships with the youth. Throughout the course of seeing the same youth, there was one girl in my small group with whom I could see growth and transformation. At first small group, she was reluctant to participate in the discussion. She seemed to shy away from opening up about her faith or speaking much at all.


As time progressed, I had the opportunity to see her heart transform. She began to smile a lot more and was excited and enthusiastic to pray, participate in games, and talk to others during the events. In addition, she was interested in what we were doing, evangelizing and spreading the Lord’s word. She told me that she wanted to join NET when she was older and that being on retreat and in small group completely changed her perspective on the faith.

NET Teams pray for the youth several times throughout the retreat.


She said, “Before meeting you guys, I didn’t enjoy going to Mass, but now, I really enjoy going, and I get so much more out of it. I now feel a lot more excited to pray!” She said that she started to become excited about growing in her faith, that we made it fun to learn about God, and that she wishes to pursue ministry in the future because of how her perspective on the faith has changed.

Team 3 | Cincinnati Regional Team

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