Praise God for patient roommates! If you were to ask my roommate what song has been stuck in my head lately, she would effortlessly (begrudgingly maybe?) respond with Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”. Why has this song been on my mind?  Because this song is perfect for all of us in this Easter season. It is a calling on. This time, this life on earth, is our time of cross carrying. This is the time for us to fight before our final rest. Our pain and our crosses are only temporary, and eternal paradise awaits those faithful to Him. Therefore, today, let us embrace our crosses and help our brothers and sisters to carry theirs, for as long as we draw breath we must believe “I still got a lot of fight left in me”.

A wise woman once said, “Remember, everyone you ever come in contact with is in the midst of a tough battle.” This is incredibly true. Every person we encounter in this life is in the midst of a battle. That grocery clerk you barely make eye contact with? She is carrying some cross in that current moment. Maybe she is struggling with a coworker. Maybe one of her family members just passed away. Maybe she is lonely. We are all carrying crosses. It is just easier for us to see our own struggles instead of the struggles of our neighbor. It is easier for me to worry about getting home in time to cook a meal (my little cross), instead of providing a smile, patience, and a piece of respite for the grocery store clerk (who is struggling with her own crosses) while I check out.

Our model of this is none other than Jesus Christ. While Jesus was carrying His own cross, He stopped to comfort the wailing women. Think about this. At that time, Jesus had not slept the whole night prior. He spent the night praying in agony, then was betrayed by His brother, then He traveled between Herod and Pilate awaiting His sentence. At the moment of helping those women, Christ had done all of these things AND had had His body scourged that very morning.

Here I am in a grocery store, having fully slept the night before, in good standings with my family, and not struggling with any physical pain or discomfort. What excuse could I possibly have to warrant not investing in this woman?

As long as we draw breath, the Lord is asking us to pick up our crosses and assist those carrying their own. How do we know this? This is Christ’s example.

While hanging on the cross, after having nails beaten into His hands and feet, after having His back scourged and now pressed against a wooden beam, after having been humiliated and stripped of all clothing, Jesus continues to help those around Him carry their crosses. For His executioners, He begs the Father to forgive them; to the good thief, He gives paradise; to His Mother, He gives a son; to a son, He gives a Mother; to the dead, He gives back life; to His Father, He gives His soul (cf. St. Bonaventure). With Christ’s final hours of life, with His final breath He gives of Himself to others. There is never a point He reaches where He cannot give any more of Himself. As long as He draws breath, Christ fights for souls.

“Remember, everyone you ever come in contact with is in the midst of a tough battle.”  Every person you meet is carrying some cross. This Easter season, do not become so focused on your own crosses that you forget the crosses of your brethren. Jesus Christ in His last moments of life continued to give sinners respite. So must we. Our “Fight Song” is that this life is not all there is. Our “Fight Song” is that we are called to bring ourselves and as many souls as possible to heaven. Our “Fight Song” is that as long as we draw breath, we must strive to embrace our cross and assist our brothers and sisters in carrying theirs. May this Easter season remind you of the shortness of this life and the sweet eternity that is to come, leaving you energized and singing, “I still got a lot of fight left in me.”

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