Peter began to say to him, “Lo, we have left everything and followed you.” Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life,” (Mark 10:28-31).

As we see in the gospel of Mark, those who leave everything for the Lord’s sake will receive a hundredfold. As NET missionaries, we all leave behind our homes and our families and most of what we own for the Lord and He truly gives us many blessings in return! This semester has surely been an adventure for NET Team 5. We have had a lot of challenges thrown our way, but the Lord has provided for us in every need. It is so amazing to reflect on the many blessings He has provided for us.

This past month for Team 5 has been quite a unique experience! As the Los Angeles Team, our normal routine is to travel around Southern California; however, we had the privilege of being able to travel to Las Vegas for around two weeks! Most of us hadn’t been to Vegas before, so it was cool to have that experience together. What was really awesome was when one of the women on our team’s parents visited her in Vegas with some family friends and she was able to spend some time with them. As a team, we were super excited for her. Another amazing thing that happened recently was another woman on our team had the opportunity to stay at a host home that belonged to a NET alumni that served at her church years ago. It was so awesome to see them reunited! They had so many great conversations and they really enjoyed being able to connect as past NET alumni who had ministered to a now current NET missionary!

In addition to the many blessings our team has been given, the Lord has also been working in us, letting us be blessings to others! It’s amazing to see the team being docile to the Lord working through them, especially on retreats. Many of the youth have been impacted in amazing ways recently, simply because each one of us on this team made the choice to leave our lives behind and be open vessels for the Lord’s love. He has helped the youth realize through us that they are loved and have a purpose, and that having a relationship with the Lord is possible. Many have said that they have felt much closer to God after the retreat, that they will not forget their experience, and that they hope to be able to truly practice what we have helped them realize they need to do. They also have really appreciated how intentional we have been with them, helping them realize they are truly loved and cared for. One even went so far as to say they received the peace they had been praying to receive during the retreat! So many have said they have felt as if their life had been turned around, whether it was in realizing their self-worth or in the discussions they were able to have in their small groups, or the fact that now have a new desire to go to church. It has been so amazing to witness this!

In a retreat we had in Gardena, CA, a young man by the name of Ricardo said, ”This retreat impacted me a lot because I came to this retreat not wanting to hear or feel anything; I just wanted to be home. But today, I felt a certain way about God, Jesus, and faith. I now want to know and feel God. I want to be with Him for my whole life and never let go. I now love my religion. I now want to spread the word of the Lord to others.”

In Las Vegas, a young lady by the name Evelyn said,”The NET team made me have a stronger relationship with God. Honestly, they helped me find my relationship with God. Now I feel more amazing than ever! Thank you NET team!”

Again in Gardena we had another young lady tell us,”This retreat was such a great experience for me. I feel cleansed and uplifted. I feel so much closer to God and I know that I am loved by Him no matter what. Even though it’s hard for me to accept, I really am beautiful inside and out and I should realize and accept that and it feels so good to say that and I feel like with a little more progress I can be happy. I’m so glad I came here. I do not have to be perfect or anything people expect me to be, because the only thing that matters is what Jesus thinks. I want to be here and practice my faith more.”

To conclude this update of many of God’s amazing blessings, it has truly been an exceptional past month for NET Team 5. Once more, God really has provided for us and He always will. We only need to continuously put our trust in Him. As it says in the gospel of Mark, when we have left everything for the Lord’s sake, He will provide a hundredfold in return. Thank you Lord for your gracious love!

Until next time!

NET Team 5

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