We challenge young Catholics, through relational ministry, to follow Christ and embrace a life of community in the Church.

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NET Missionary

Your journey with the Lord matters and you will meet young people who need to hear your particular story. You can be an example to young people of how to make the faith their own, allowing Christ to enter into their lives.

Your story has a purpose. The Lord has a call for you.

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We've developed a toolbox of training resources specifically designed with small groups in mind because teens need to belong in order to believe.

We've made content you can trust so you can do what matters most: building relationships with teens in which they are known, loved and cared for.


Campus Minister


"I have always known how important small groups are, but have struggled to find resources that are designed specifically for small groups, and are easy for adult mentors to use - until I found YDisciple. YDisciple's resources truly meet every teen where they are in the journey, proclaim the gospel, and lead to more enthused conversations."


Youth Minister


“The Discipleship Teams have made a lasting impact on our youth and community. The team’s witness of an authentic life as Disciples of Christ have not only taught the youth more about the Catholic faith, but have introduced them to Jesus Himself. Having a NET Team at our parish was not simply beneficial for the years we had them, but will echo in the hearts and lives of our young people, who now seek to be Disciples themselves.”


Director of Faith Formation


“The youth loved the NET Team on our retreat! They were so relatable! We appreciate the sacrifices they make to connect with our youth. As young people, they are really doing something no one else can do. They are giving genuine witnesses as a young person in our present culture. The youth need this. They need to see how to be a true Christian in the present world.”

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