A vast majority of Catholic youth are disconnecting from the Church during their teenage years. To reawaken their faith, NET Ministries trains teams of young adults to make a transformational difference in parishes and schools across the United States. Since 1981, our missionaries have proclaimed the Gospel to over 2.2 million young people, inspiring them to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increase their connection to the Catholic Church. Join the mission of NET Ministries! All open positions are listed below.

NET Ministries Job Openings

Development Administrator

Location: The NET Center, West St. Paul

Position Summery: Ensure accurate and timely acknowledgement of gifts made by benefactors.  Provide clerical support for development activities.


  • Carry out gift processing and acknowledgement processes.
    • Promptly record all contributions (within 3 days of gift reception)
    • Research new constituents home value and enter in database
    • Process monthly and online gifts
    • Contact donors for incomplete/ambiguous gift information, expiring recurring gifts, etc.
    • Generate gift acknowledgement letters
    • Prepare pledge reminders
    • Prepare year-end gift receipts for donors
  • Supervise Gift Processing Assistant
    • Request the help of the Gift Processing Assistant when needed
    • Assign Gift Processing Assistant temporary duties during peak processing times
  • Misc Duties
    • Solicit host home contact information from RCP’s and enter into database
    • Participate in NET Team Training and/or Mission Staff training events as assigned, including 3 days at Camp Wapo
    • Assist with Development banquet preparation, registrations, and details as needed.
    • Preform simple database maintenance as assigned
  • Other
    • Attend staff meeting and staff events as direct4ed
    • Knowledgable of all pertinent employee Handbooks and staff manuals appropriate to the position
    • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Department Director
  • Supervisory Information
    • Assign work, give direction, answer questions


  • Minimum: High School Graduate. Demonstrated typing, word processing and database skills.  Excellent writing skills with proficiency in grammar.  Ability to communicate in a friendly and professional manner with donors.Organized with a high level of attention to detail. Ability to handle a variety of tasks and priorities simultaneously. Skilled/comfortable working with financial data. Excels in a team environment. Proficient in Microsoft Office software and database software. Passionately committed to the mission of NET Ministries.
  • Preferred: College Graduate. Knowledgeable with Raiser’s Edge Database.

Additional Information:
Will have access to many personal data sources and resources, consequently, must be able to maintain confidentiality. The responsibilities of position require the work to be accomplished primarily on-site at the NET Center. Must be able to travel and work over some weekends/evenings as assigned.

To Apply: please contact the Vice President of Development, Jim Hastings at jimh@netusa.org.


MPD Assistant & Giving Club Administrator

Location: The NET Center, West St. Paul

Position Summary: The MPD Assistant provides support to NET Missionary and Mission Staff fundraising program. The Giving Society Administrator is responsible for inviting donors into NET’s giving society, sending them the welcome packet, and contacting members annually in the lowest level to invite them to renew their membership by making another gift. The Giving Society Administrator also assists with the ongoing stewarding of NET donors by fulfilling the benefits offered to them at each of the giving levels.Each half of this position requires approximately 18 hours a week, although there will be seasons during the year when each will require more than this amount of time, while the other is allotted less (subject to the direction of the position’s supervisor).


  • Supports NET Team Members and Mission Staff fundraising program
    • Works under the direction of Events Administrator to equip NET Team Members and Mission staff with the resources and skills to reach their personal fundraising goals
    • Meets weekly with Events Administrator to ensure all MPD duties are covered and missionaries are on track to meet their goals
    • Send out MPD packets to new recruits
    • Provides weekly MPD status reports
    • Plan/coordinate the MPD Christmas & Easter Campaigns
  • Identify donors eligible to join the giving society and send them a welcome packet
    • Using established parameters, run queries and create donor lists for the all giving levels
    • Work with vendors to create invitation brochure and Companions of St Paul lapel pin
    • Mail eligible donors their welcome packets
  • Fulfill donor society benefits for all donors, and perform fist given level stewardship actions
    • Maintain a list of the benefits of being offered donors at all giving levels and fulfill them as scheduled
    • Work with Appeals Writer to create and distribute the spring President’s Report and fall Inside NET video special
    • Work with MEO’s to ascertain which benefits they want to take care for donors on their lists
    • Perform two annual stewardship contacts  (one a phone call) for first level donors.Fulfill donor society benefits for all donors, and preform first giving level stewardship actions
  • Misc Duties
    • Manage miscellaneous Development projects as assigned by Supervisor
    • Participate in NET Trainings as assigned, include several days at Camp Wapo
  • Other
    • Attend staff meetings and staff events as directed
    • Knowledgeable of Employee Handbook/staff manuals appropriate to the position
    • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Department Director


  • Minimum: Ability to be fearless and persistent in inviting others into the mission of NET Ministries through multiple phone calls and emails. Excellent research skill, including ability to recognize information clues and piece together data pieces to uncover and estimate wealth potential of prospective donors. Personable and self-confident with exceptional verbal skills. Able to confidently speak with unknown donors and ask for meetings or to host a table at a benefit event. Highly organized: ability to manage information on numerous donor activities simultaneously. Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products. Excels in a team environment. Exceptional ability to work on own initiative.  Passionately committed to the mission of NET Ministries. Must support, live, and communicate the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree. Experience related to fundraising and/or training in Development work.  3 years noteworthy professional work experience. Training in business, sales, marketing & communications. Experience using Raiser’s Edge software.

To Apply: please contact the Vice President of Development, Jim Hastings at jimh@netusa.org



Location: NET USA

Position: Every year, NET missionaries come from all over the world to give nine months to the Lord and inspire young people to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increase their connection to the Catholic Church. After being placed on a team with 8-14 young men and women, missionaries reach youth through retreat or discipleship ministry. Retreat team missionaries will travel across the country from diocese to diocese and conduct close to 120 retreats, reaching almost 1,000 youth in small groups. Retreats include large group activities, talks, dramas, skits, small group discussions, prayer, and music. Discipleship team missionaries minister to hundreds of teens 1-on-1 in small groups, on retreats, and in their day-to-day lives, helping them grow in a relationship with God and seek a life of holiness. As a team, missionaries will push each other to grow in holiness as you work together to minister to youth.

As a missionary, you will learn lifelong skills that will benefit any future vocation or career. Some of these are:

  • Developing a personal prayer life
  • Leadership skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Flexibility
  • Logistics
  • Communication skills
  • Missionaries receive a monthly stipend and are provided with food, transportation, and housing during their nine months of service. Health insurance is provided if needed.



  • Mature, practicing Catholic
  • Possesses strong faith
  • Possesses strong relational skills
  • Possesses a strong desire to serve others
  • 18-29 years of age
  • Does not have to be a U.S. citizen but must have an appropriate visa

NET Ministries will be accepting applications for the 2022-2023 missionary year starting October 15, 2021. The missionary contract begins August 15, 2022, and ends May 13, 2023. (Dates not finalized.To apply: go to www.netusa.org/apply and request an application. Contact the NET Ministries Recruiting Office at recruiting@netusa.org or (651)450-6833 with any questions

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