Mission & Vision


Why we exist

We challenge young Catholics, through relational ministry, to follow Christ and embrace a life of  community in the Church.  


Where we are going 

In this new Apostolic Age, our vision is to engage one million young Catholics with the Good  News through well-formed missionary leaders.  


Our promise 

  1. Live out our beliefs and convictions in everything we do with humility and magnanimity, and  inspired by the Holy Spirit, knowing we are nothing without God. 
  2. Stay focused on what we believe God has called us to do: to challenge young Catholics,  through relational ministry, to follow Christ and embrace a life of community in the Church. 
  3. Ensure our commitment to excellence in all our relational ministry and missionary training by  actively seeking feedback and continual improvement. We commit that our missionaries will  receive the exceptional human and spiritual formation needed to become life-long  missionary disciples. 
  4. Sustain and grow funding to ensure that NET continues its mission for generations to come.


What we stand for 

  1. We believe proclamation of the Gospel message has the power to transform lives and save souls. 
  2. We believe that an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that brings humans a life  of fulfillment and joy – in this life and the next.  
  3. We believe in the importance of fidelity to the whole of Catholic teaching.  
  4. We believe we are living in a new Apostolic Age in which people, but especially young people, are in  need now more than ever of the hope and faithful promise found in Christ and through the universal  community of the Church. 
  5. We believe in Christ’s exhortation to every Christian believer to go into the world, provide authentic  witness, share the Good News, and call others into discipleship. 
  6. We believe in the importance of engaging young people through authentic, relational ministry built  on sincere interest, care, and respect for the inherent dignity and value of each human person as  sons and daughters of God. 
  7. We believe that conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the human person and that  we must rely on the power and leading of the Holy Spirit in our prayer, worship, ministry, and in all  that we do. 
  8. We believe in the power of prayer to open hearts to God’s merciful love and healing given in  abundance to those who seek Him. 
  9. We believe the Lord made each of us to be in relationship with one another and that the key to living  out the Gospel sustainably is through intentional forming and nurturing of community.  
  10. We believe in the powerful witness of brothers and sisters serving together in love and mutual  respect whose engagement with those around them, with a focus on young people, is marked by  welcome, sincere charity, and mercy.
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