Application Process

Our Discernment Weekend is a crucial part of the application process. It’s an opportunity for you get to know NET and for NET to get to know you. Once we’ve received your application, and it is reviewed by our staff, you may be invited to attend a Discernment Weekend. After the weekend is over, you will hear from NET within two weeks with our decision. We’re excited that you are interested in serving with NET, and we look forward to meeting you!

NET Ministries considers non-married, practicing Catholics between the ages of 18-28 for their program.  In order to serve on NET, applicants must have graduated High School or GED equivalent before training begins.

Serving with NET Ministries means giving nine months of your life to live for the Lord and inspire young people across the country to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increase their connection to the Catholic Church.

While serving with NET you will be placed on one of two types of teams. Each team will have 8-14 young men and women from all across the world. As a team you will push each other to grow in holiness as you work together to minister to youth. You will stay with families in the area you will be ministering in along with creating meaningful, lifelong relationships with all those you meet.

As a missionary you will learn life long skills that will be beneficial in any future vocation or career. Some of these are:

Having a prayer life
Leadership skills
Public speaking skills
Having authentic Christian brotherhood and sisterhood


Mid August – Mid May
2 weeks off at Christmas

All other holidays are with your team in the location you are in. We will work to have the entire team stay together with a missionary’s family if possible. You will not do ministry on the holiday


Each Missionary is asked to raise $7,000 in personal support funds

You will be given individual 1-on-1 help to raise the support funds

In the past 2 yrs. 98% of missionaries have reached that goal

Each missionary will be given a $125 monthly stipend

Provide your own transportation to and from NET at the beginning, middle and end of the year

All other expenses while being a missionary (transportation to retreat sites, food, and housing) will be taken care of by NET.

What to bring:

One backpack
One suitcase (provided by NET)
One sleeping bag and pillow

A more extensive list will be provided upon acceptance. You may not bring any electronic devices besides your phone (e.g. smart watch, airpods, laptop, etc. You may bring a camera)

Go to: netusa.org/apply
Submit the application
Get 3 references
Come to a Discernment Weekend 


The picture is used for identification purposes only:

1. To identify those who are to be picked up at the airport, bus or train stations for a Discernment Weekend

2. After the interview weekend, it helps staff put a name with a face when needed.

Yes. Since NET Missionaries are serving in Catholic parishes and schools, you do need to be a practicing Catholic.

Yes, each year NET has missionaries who have never facilitated a retreat or led discipleship ministry.

During NET Training, we will teach you the necessary skills. All you need to a desire to share the Gospel.

It will depend on the circumstances. You will need to speak with the Recruiting Coordinator.

It will depend on the circumstances. You will need to speak with the Recruiting Coordinator.


NET Missionaries serve from mid-August through mid-May.

The first five weeks of training are held partially at the NET Center in St. Paul, MN and partially at Camp Wapogasset in Amery, WI. These five weeks of training are focused on spiritual growth then on ministry skills.

There will be assigned staff to you during this time that will check in with you, make sure you have everything you need, and can answer any questions you may have.

Where do they serve?

Each team will have different locations in which they serve. Retreat Teams will travel from parish to parish in different dioceses across the United States, while Discipleship Teams will serve in one community.

How do teams get to these parishes/communities?

Each Retreat Team have a 12-14 passenger van and trailer for their travels. Discipleship Teams are provided transportation by the community they are serving with (generally two cars or a minivan).

Where do teams stay?

All NET Missionaries will stay with Host Homes. You will always be with at least one other missionary anywhere you stay.

Host Homes are within the communities you are serving and have either hosted NET Teams previously or are in good standing with their community. Your safety in Host Homes is a top priority.

Retreat Teams may stay with a new Host Home every night, while Discipleship Teams generally stay with one Host Home for two weeks at a time.

NET asks each missionary to raise $7,000 – $8,000 in partnership funds. Most missionaries have no difficulty doing so.

If you are not able to raise your partnership before the start of training, NET will work with you for fundraising options.

The partnership each missionary raises is about 1/3 of what it costs NET to keep one NET Missionary serving for a year. The rest of NET’s funding comes from retreat fees and organizational fundraising.

NET can provide missionaries with medical insurance if they so choose. They may also choose to stay on their own/parents’ insurance.

To join NET’s insuranc, pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Music Training

Music Training is a week-long workshop that improves practical skills and focuses on how to lead worship. This year, it begins on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

NET Ministries has a charism of expressive and charismatic prayer. We believe that the Holy Spirit can move powerfully in our prayer and move us in our worship. We know that God has given us unique gifts, and we want to allow missionaries to foster those gifts and lead others closer to Jesus.


  • Reading the Number System
  • Choosing Keys that Suit Your Voice
  • Working with Other Musicians
  • Leading Worship for Small and Large Groups

Further information about Music Training will be provided in your NET Missionary Welcome Packet, which you will receive upon signing a NET Missionary Contract.

If you have questions about Music Training or the audition process, please email Megan Avila at music@netusa.org.

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