Tom Ryan Named President of NET Ministries Foundation


As we spent a year soliciting feedback from bishops, youth ministry leaders, alumni, and many others, we heard over and over again – NET is needed more than ever! NET’s new strategic plan is designed to impact 1,000,000 young Catholics in the next six years, with expanded programming, more missionaries, enhanced parish resources, focused leadership training, and a greater focus on Latino youth. NET is poised to make a significant impact on the practice of faith in America.

The NET Ministries Foundation is being established to provide the resources that will enable NET to reach out to more young people with the Gospel nationally and internationally. The establishment of a separate 501(c)(3) foundation to fuel our mission is an integral part of our six-year strategic plan. 

To lead and advance this critical piece of our mission, we are pleased to announce that the NET Ministries Board of Directors has appointed Tom Ryan as the President of the NET Ministries Foundation

For the past 17 years, Tom has worked at The Saint Paul Seminary, currently holding the position of Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Prior to his position at the seminary, Tom worked at NET Ministries as the Director of Development. 

“It is with great excitement that I take on this new role at NET,” Tom said. “My hope is that our efforts not only fund the mission for the next six years, but also build the necessary infrastructure and resources so that NET can continue its apostolic mission for decades to come. It is a very compelling strategic plan, and when great things are dared in Christ, great things happen.”

We could not be more excited to welcome Tom back to NET! It is a beautiful mystery of divine providence that Tom, who began his work in development with us many years ago, is now returning to lead the new Foundation. His years of experience, deep faith, commitment to mission, and well-known gifting in development make him just the type of leader we need to raise our national profile and engage more youth for Christ and his Church. 

“I am delighted by the selection of Tom as the President of the NET Ministries Foundation,” said Jim Hastings, Vice President of Development at NET. “As I end my time with NET, I know I leave its development efforts in extremely capable hands as the Foundation supports NET’s ambitious plan to expand its outreach to Catholic youth significantly.”

Thank you for your continued support of NET Ministries. Please join us in praying for Tom’s efforts in not only establishing the foundation, but paving the way for NET to continue to carry out our mission of challenging youth Catholics, through relational ministry, to follow Christ and embrace a life of community in the Church.

With our gratitude, 

Mark Berchem & Bishop Andrew Cozzens

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